Monday, September 29, 2008

"Nothing Will Hurt Me"

We spent the morning preparing for Rosh HaShana - we're having lots of guests over the two day holiday. The radio was on the whole time, and we listened to the summarizing hit parade of the year's Hebrew songs. Near the top of the list was a song titled "Nothing Will Hurt me". It was written by Erez Stark - whose names means Strong Ceder, and it is preformed by the Knessiat Hasechel rock band. Their name, in English, comes out something like Church of Reason.

In my free and unstructured translation, the words of the song go more or less like this:

Nothing will hurt me, nothing,
Not a woman, nor a terrorist's bullet, nothing,
Because that's what I swore to my brother, my sister, my parents
And I cried by night and took care by day
Because I was afraid something would damage my parents
My father's voice echoes in my head

If anything happens to you
I have no reason for tomorrow
No reason for life
No reason for tomorrow

If you're standing above me now
I must not have kept my word
I'm sorry
I'm sorry
I'm sorry

If anything happens to you....

Nothing will hurt me
Not a woman, nor a terrorist's bullet

Erez was killed in action a few years ago, a young lieutenant.

May the coming year be better than the previous ones.

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