Saturday, October 25, 2008

The Best Endorsement so Far

Leon Wieseltier, perhaps the most articulate polemicist in America, comes out for Obama. This isn't particularly surprising, but his reasoning is unusually lucid, and his depiction of Obama is, I hope and fear, right on.

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Anonymous said...


Keep this in mind: There are two men in the American presidential race. One of them happens to be Black.

And, going back to the primary season; when it seemed to get established among GOP insiders, that the GOP was in for a tough race. That Dubya was hated. And, the GOP didn't stand a prayer to win ... What seems to have "gone down" is that the GOP decided to "hide its best candidates for another time." And, to then try to use the primaries ... by "suggesting" to the gullable, to change their party affiliation to that of democrat. Just to be able to get a democratic ballot, and to strike one against Hillary.

Hillary was considered the harder candidate to beat.

And, the GOP wanted to oil the machinery so they'd be able to win.

And, then? They touted McCain as the one candidate they had that could attract democratic voters!

So, the GOP wasn't enthused? At least they put a candidate into the running who "could win."

Turns out this candidate is a bigot and a lemon. He can't stand Obama! (That's why he exited the president's meeting without saying a word!) He listened to Obama for 40 minutes. At which point his temper boiled over. And, he "left the room." He exited the White House.

After, of course, first calling off his first debate. (That debate wasn't up his alley, either.)

And, now all you hear is how Obama "has already written his innauguration address!" He's just suggested ... instead of any workable economic plan ... That Obama should "save his speech," and when McCain wins ... "Obama can give this speech to the Smithsonian." So it can be placed near the newspaper headline reading: DEWEY BEATS TRUMAN.

Alas, Truman was the democratic candidate. Dewey was the GOP guy who got to lose for a second time. Boo hoo.

What do you know about McCain? Okay: 1) He has a bracelet. 2) He "sticks his hands across the aisle." Without once "ever touching the Blacvk guy! 3) He's called his wife a trollop. (In front of witnesses. 1994. Except those witnesses were only the press.)

If you think McCain has a wholesome marriage, you'd be mistaken.

McCain is cut from the same cloth as Dubya. And, if McCain wins? You'll have another four years of Dubya.

Here, it's good to point out that religion and politics don't mix. That's why, in America, there's a distance "between Church and State."

Yet Dubya went into Irak (really for the Saud's, and the oil bid'ness) ... but what you'd gather now ... is that religion and politics don't mix. And, as long as Islam has controls over the minds of the Mideast inhabitants, you're not likely to get democracy growing there, anytime soon.

What's ahead?

McCain is so sure that the Black guy can't win. That when Obama comes out ahead, the screams will be that the election was stolen!

That's pretty much the setup for what's ahead.

But one thing you should know: The democrats have better people!

Bigots blew off democracy when Lincoln got elected.

Not the brightest men, those with red necks.

Anyway, if you're not able to understand that Obama could win fair and square, at least try to figure out why McCain can lose.

Among other things, his pro-life stance; and his religious base. Plus, his Palin pick. Has done something or other to all those Hillary voters.

McCain counted on having them in his pocket much too soon.

Well? What do you expect, McCain's not nice to his wife, either.

Of course, if we're lucky ... once the GOP enters the "wilderness" they'll be out there for a good 40 years.

You don't think a Black man knows about progress?