Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Buying Things Without Money

Today's daf yomi has a convoluted discussion about methods of purchasing things without people using any of their own money. 2000 years ago, I remind you.

Kidushin teractate, 7a.

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Anonymous said...


Pretty dysfunctional concepts!

The arabs also own this dreck. Since their moham-head used the Torah, to link himself, for all eternity, into a central religion. And, like most of them, they cater best to illiterates. Who stay dirt poor, and uneducated.

With oil, however, a few bought into global "controls."

As to what you get to see, here, is the modern world, SECULAR, actually thriving. And, yes, you can have good credit, to borrow. And, a good job, so you can pay this back.

Before we ran into trouble, BEFORE Bush, in 2002 promised poor people "nice homes" as their right ... But who had lousy credit ... You now see what crested when the wave broke.

Do you lend money? Well, not to everybody! Like anything else, you need to see benefits. At one time? A bank owned the property if you couldn't pay the mortgage. And, this made lots of banks very, very rich!

So they tossed out the ritual of going to a bank, and asking for credit. Banks were told they'd be sued, if they didn't cooperate with loans.

As to how bac can banks do? Go back to the early 1980's, and you'd see JUNK BONDS doing good. Because the old, conservative bankers didn't want to lend money out to the "new comers." The start ups in the computer industry. So, junk bonds gave you a better return. And, you gambled.

Then, by 1987, The "Savings & Loan" industry tanked.

And? Well, the elder Bush's term was met by a bad economic downturn. He then got booted out of office.

There's a famous sign Carville gave Bill Clinton: IT'S THE ECONOMY, STUPID.

I guess Bill took the sign with him when he left office? And Dubya, all by himself, set about totally ruining the republican label.

You think McCain is cut from different cloth? No siree. The same spoiled behaviors of a kid who had a powerful dad. And, then runs things into the ground.

If you look, though, you'd see the ROMNEY family spending many millions, trying to get into the White House. (In 1968 an uncle, I think, "got brainwashed in Vietnam. Which killed his run.)

Now? This Romney met the GOP hatred for Mormons. Nearly as bad as the hatred for Islam, if you think about it. Some men just can't compete.

But you really do get a crew trying their luck in this hodge-podge of a political setting.

Heck, not far from Israel's own. Where Mofaz climbed back on board Livni's bus. Or? He'd be going nowhere.

Labor? You want me to guess? When elections come, you'll probably have Ehud Barak, whose clawed himself to the top, watching as Pines-Pez, and a few others, decamp. It seems, internally, these jerks know where they have to be on the list to land INSIDE.

Gone are the days of Sharon, where you could be #40; and still have a good chance of making it into the Knesset.

Politics is the closest you'll come to having wild parties. Heck, you don't even have to be drunk to watch this crap playing out.

If it was a horse race, though, these old nags wouldn't be on the field.

While in the USA? Exactly how do you tear the Bush family from all the slots they occupy out there in DC?

I heard of one plan, where IF the democrats get to own a working Congress; they'll press to turn DC into a separate State. #51. Adding two democratic senators to the mix. Now, wouldn't that be interesting?

You know, in 1862, when Lincoln saw the hole Virginia created by leaving; he, alone, signed the paperwork that made West Virginia a state. So, in a sense? Virginia's always had 4 senators, since that time! No one undid Lincoln's paperwork.

New paperwork ahead? Guaranteed.