Wednesday, October 29, 2008

"Obama stock is overpriced, and a crash could really hurt"

Along with all the other things I'm busy with, I've started reading Dreams from My Father; I hope to finish before next Tuesday evening. It's a good read, and I like the author. Wouldn't it be really cool if he could be President? Wow.

Really. Meanwhile, however, back in the real world, Simon Jenkins of The Guardian warns
Sell Obamas now. They are overpriced and the forward market has gone crazy. If he becomes president, the bubble will burst, I guess in the spring of next year.
There's much that I disagree with Jenkins about, and I understand the world from a very different perspective than he does. Not every statement in his column is correct. However, his thesis is convincing. Sometime by early summer of 2009 Obama's stock really will crash. Both because the expectations are way above the stratosphere, and because no living man could do even half of the things his fervent believers expect.

The significant question is what will happen after summer 2009. Will he be a latter-day John Kennedy, muddling along doing little of any significance, to lose the White House to a new promise in 2012, or perhaps winning a second term like Bill Clinton but still not doing much of importance? Or will he grow to the stature of Lyndon Johnson or Ronald Reagan, indeed transforming some aspects of the United States? Because even if he does, millions of people will remember him with anger, as they do those two.

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Anonymous said...


Here, I'd swear that Winston Churchill wrote his own speeches!

And, then I'd add, so did Lincoln.

FDR? He worked with speech writers; but what he said was so strong and novel, that he excerised his pen. And, when the words flowed, the belonged to him.

Up ahead? Obama stands the chance of being as good as FDR. I kid you not!

But? Well, there's plenty of racism. If this isn't overcome? Then Obama loses.

SO WHAT! McCain is bedeviled with mental health issues. If he wins? For a number of years he does his things. And, he keeps running into walls. And, the journalists will have a field day.

If McCain "drops dead while on the job?" Then Palin enters the White House. And, faces a hostile Congress. Let's see what she can pass?

What if McCain wins and decides his best approach is to do what Eisenhower did? Eisenhower, who knew how to sit with factions, as the top general in WW2 ... went to LBJ, in the senate. These two men met every Friday, for lunch, when the Congress was in session.

Together, the two men figured out what could pass. And, where Eisenhower would do well to understand that if the "executive sent the bill" ... it would end up losing. Eisenhower didn't lose.

And, Eisenhower didn't complain that Nixon (whom he hated), was his veep.

Anyway, I'll gamble that if McCain wins, he'll face hostility. From both Congress AND the MSM. And, every episode where he can't control his temper will become big fat news items.

And, in 4 years HILLARY walks into the White House as the President.

If Obama wins?

Well, you'd learn that FDR's strength was his knowledge of his party's politics. Even though he was crippled. Or maybe? Because of it. He had to gain knowledge of every district's actors. And, he used this internal information very, very well.

There was only one man FDR feared: Huey Long. (Huey got assassinated while he was still in his 40's. So, you could say "it was the end of the demogogic problem.")

The other man FDR didn't like? And, for the same reason he didn't like Huey Long? Douglas MacArthur.

For what it's worth.

Anyway, one way or the other, McCain gets one term. And, then? Hillary blossoms. And, heals the country's HATRED for the bigoted male.

You can't push Obama out, now, without it having a resounding cost.

We're not in 2000 anymore. Back then? It was said whoever made it into the White House, would surely lose in 2004.

The Saud's? Paid for 9/11.

And, for a time Dubya successfully pursued the Saud's agenda. Well? So much has crashed around him, one gets to wonder about his legacy.

Because McCain can lose, not just on his own. But because Dubya has managed to squander everything he was handed! 8 years of rot. Coming home to roost.

How will the Supreme Court work under Palin? If it comes to that? The vacancy that comes, won't be due to a "retirement." Even if this means Stevens serves into his 90's. Currently, at 88, he's very healthy.

And, IF Palin can't come to terms with Congress? Sandra Day O'Connor will be called out of retirement. And, she'll come and "sit." (She's done this once before, when Rehnquist died.)

In other words? Palin chooses. And, she could choose to be devisive. Or? She could be better served?

McCain? I think he hates Palin with the same vigor and contempt that Eisenhower had for Nixon.

I also think Obama has a real chance of winning. And, of having coattails.

Apparently, the GOP is without the leadership, now, to carry Congress.

If I'm wrong? Well, Dubya would be out there beating the bushes for votes. So, don't make me laugh.