Thursday, October 23, 2008

Postville - a Review

A few months ago I wrote about the scandal (it really is a scandal) at the kosher slaughterhouse at Postville, Iowa. Now I've read the book, and have put up a review of it here.

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Anonymous said...


What's the surprise? As far as the orthodox go; they'll cheat anyone who isn't one of them. And, not even have to apologize on Yon Kippur.

The biggest fraud of all was the bringing in of illegals to do the work.

So you had this slaughter house, in a State that is used to them, but this city lost business. And, the locals were starving.

They wake up to seeing transported in, aliens.

And, you didn't think this would blow up?

Perhaps the biggest mistake was that the orthodox thought they could be as "corrupt as everyone else," and get away with it. But equality in this realm doesn't exist.

Caught. But it's now more a "shanda" in the Jewish press than anywhere else. In almost every other state in this country this flew under the radar screen.

Why? Most people want to ignore the food industry, the way they want to avoid a subject that would scare them half to death, if they only knew.

There's another lesson worth learning, too.

Jewish immigrants came to New York City, and for the most part, stayed.

Other immigrant groups are the ones who left the bustling and crowded city, to go out along the railroad lines; where they settled down in agricultural communities. Lesson? Agricultural America didn't interest the Jews.

Of course, there were lots of comedians. Hollywood beaconed. And, for this there was "travel." Uprooting and re-rooting. But flying over "fly-over" country. What made the theatre such an interesting route? Well, movies played all over. And, dreams caught on.

Who dreams about being a farmer?