Friday, October 17, 2008

The Road to Hell is paved with Good Intentions

Timothy Garton Ash argues against the growing European trend to legislate what must be remembered. True, the legislators would have us remember various atrocities and never deny them, but is this really the job of legislatures? Why?


Anonymous said...


Feh. The last great stuff from the Europeans channelled America's growth. It appealed to those who were willing to leave. To strike out on their own. Yes. Even when England held the colonies within its grasp.

Of course, you know, England lost her colonies. Here. There. And, then? Everywhere.

As to what Europe is doing "now" ... happens to be built on the crap the Bush Family has been busy doing. But it seems they're about to go kaput?

Do I know, ahead of time, that the GOP is gonna tank on 11/4? Nope. Gotta be around on 11/4 to see what's gonna happen.

But if you like looking over your shoulder at the past? Then you'd see Europe is famous for going to war. And, transferring the chalk lines where borders are drawn.

And, Hitler killed more than just the Jews! Hitler put Europe, as in "the continent of europe" down the crapper. So, that today they hug Marx. With a strain called "socialism." (The Bush family has done the most it can to accelerate this push. Believe it or not.)

Is change on the horizon? And, if so? How so? How will changing to a democratic saddle, on the back of the Federal Government, change the ride?

Seems politicians live within their spheres. They grow long nails, that allow them to grip power.

And, the Bush story, here, gets interesting. Bush is brought into Nixon's White House. And, Bush never, ever leaves the seat of power!

Reagan comes in (1980). And, as soon as he could pick anybody to be his veep; why he goes and picks the elder George. Then, it's pretty famously known that Reagan was not a "hands on" kind'a guy. So to make up for this deficit, James Baker is put in charge. The title: Chief of Staff. So? Well, he didn't live in the White House. He just ruled the entire federal government; sending off Bush seeds, and hanger's on, to be planted throughout the Federal system.

You think McCain changes this equation? HELLO! Governor Palin, who has a nice personality, but didn't know diddley-droppings about DC, picked up Bush' staff of characters; where they then handled her.

The Bush's are famous for going to the religious lunatics in America; and subverting ONE ISSUE. Where women can't get safe abortions, anymore. And, they run on this kaka.

McCain? He promises to "help" women put their kids up for adoption; if, in trying sex before marriage, they end up pregnant. Happens. Happens most to those under the age of 18, to boot.

What happens onb 11/4?

Well, you tell me. Tell me what you think of politicians who have tin ears. Who never think of ways to "be popular, nay charismatic" with the People. And, I'll show you lots of ugly politicians. You've got yours. We've got ours.

Where there's ONE ADVANTAGE to America? The one Ben Gurion didn't want to touch. While he salivated of socialism. You've got Parliament. And, we've got the "funnies." Governments that function in pieces. Federal, State, and Local. Over a wide variety of less than cooperative citizens.

Right now? It's the dying embers of the White guy, trying to hold onto whatever it was those crazy southerners held onto, back in 1860. They lost then. And, they're about to get their asses kicked, now.

Anyway, if the "cure" is for government to just "print money" ... you reach a point where values drop. You get more money. But everything INFLATES. Just like the bubble that just burst.

If Dubya didn't rush in with his rescue? It was the Chinese holding the American hedge fund bonds. Can't have that ya know?

How did Dubya get to be prez? Can't blame popularity, either.

Shows ya the limits, when to get on the stage it's who you know. And, now how well you'd do.

Except in the case of Reagan. Who turned around and handed all the door prizes to the Bush family, anyway.

And, now we're at the end of this story. Nu?

Anonymous said...

Allright, it's a discussion between historians about their freedom. Let them be free.
There is no serious doubt left that the Osman Empire commited genocide against the Armenian people. Given the fact that the actual Turkish state with her allies (us!) undertakes a tremendous effort to hide and downplay this truth, there's plenty of reason to counteract with legislatory declarations on the genocide.
This is not yet "punishment for deniers", but a well based declaration of the society which truth they will adopt.