Wednesday, November 5, 2008

The Brothers Who Enabled Obama

I'm rather a historian than a pundit, as my election-day take demonstrates. The "Brothers" aren't the ones you think they are...

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I love American History, so I'll meet your there in a moment.

But first Obama was "enabled" BECAUSE OF OUR WONDERFUL SYSTEM! Yes, it started with the slave issue inside the American Constitution. Slavery was a "gift" from the British!

And, slavery was a gift from the British; while it really didn't exist in England ... BECAUSE ... In England there were ARISTOCRATS. The small group of "rightly born" individuals who had eveything. And, the lower class White who were ALWAYS servants. Many of these servant males were called to action in WW1. And, only then did things move slowly, in England.

In America, however, the issue of owning Blacks was always discussed as WRONG. And, for religious Americans these discussions took place when they went to Church.

You'll also notice that slavery never took hold in the North. As the 13 original colonies were divided between northern ones and southern ones.

Yesterday, however, America showed the world that FREEDOM and DEMOCRACY is color blind.

Though a lot of people, following their votes, were asked by pollsters what was an over-riding reason in voting the ways they did. And, it turns out AGE was a factor! The younger of the two men was preferred.

While sadly, in Israel, when Obama visited the Western Wall, the Haredi went out of their way to look like monkeys. Stealing the "note" ... and parading around. Why? Because Olmert handed the Haredi Jerusalem, during the period of time (8 years), he was mayor, there. (If you don't think this is as issue; but rather the lame issue of "double-billing flights" on expense reports; I think you missed the big picture! Olmert painted himself into a corner.

While the Haredi are EUROPEAN JEWS. So, if there was ever a fraud purpetrated by a small group, against the many, I'd start with that one! What were the religious nutters thinking?

While back in the USA, down South, believe it or not, many religious nutters attempted to justify slavery! Believe it. Or not!

You can twist a Good Book anyway you like.

But John Adams was among the religious leaders, within the Founding Brothers. (Washington was a Mason. Jefferson was a "deist." And, even Abraham Lincoln, belong to no church. So "not belonging" in America is what is meant by THE SEPARATION OF CHURCH ND STATE.)

James Madison wrote (created) the US Constitution! John Adams was the eloquent member of that first Congress; who did the heavy lifting to see that the document was defended. And, signed.

Later, John Adams would try to write the Massachusetts State Constitution, where he had inserted that religious freedom would also extend to the Jews. And, at the State House this was voted down.

Of course, Obama's win is within the FABRIC of how Americans have learned to VOTE. And, this includes the NON-REVOLUTIONARY method of changing from one team to another. No civil wars involved.

Hurt feelings?

The world's full of blokes who suffer from disappointments to the point where they carry guns. And, behave in ways where they want their minority to "rule" over everybody else.

Now, back to Judaism. Where, sadly for Israel, the Haredi now represent the arm of the faith. But in Europe? Wow. Was the record of those who were looking for answers NOT part of the "rabbinical association!

In Europe? The faithful tried to destroy SPINOZA. Today? Spinoza's works are well known. While the "famous rabbis" aren't referred to at all within secular societies.

EINSTEIN was a fan of SPINOZA's.

And, then? How about Martin Buber.

How about the way Judaism achieved knowledge branches ... with the orthodox splitting into the conservatives. For people who wanted to sit as couples when they went to synagogue. (Synogogue is a very old word. Probably originating in Eygpt. Among Jews, who entered Eygpt with the Greeks. When Alexander conquered this territory. Those Jews began speaking Greek. And, reading Greek. So? Well, there's a reason the Septuagent was translated into Greek! And, a reason that Josephus was writing history. IN GREEK!)

Too bad Israel settle for a "one-way" story. Too bad it can't separate out to the stuff already written, that gives so much credit to the world brought together by America's Founding Fathers, when they sought to throw off the King of England. And, sought INDEPENDENCE.

You could learn from history! Wasn't Ben Gurion's choice. And, it wasn't Gandhi's either!

But I know MARX wasn't happy being born into stock that wasn't "aristocratic." So, he set about creating a system where he, and people "just like him" could lord it over others! Gee. The russians got cheated on this one! As if hitler didn't do enough harms! We're still stuck with a philosophy from a petunia.

As to the Knesset, what happened is that a group of elites; at the time mostly European ... who became "princes." They took the reins of government. Slipped this into their pockets.

So you can vote for party. And, they control the "lists." To bad you can't even pull these stinking lists apart, and then? Vote for the individuals! You think Bibi would win? (I think he's an old man. And, look what being old just did to McCain.)

Of course, I think McCain added a level of incompetency that was absolutely breath taking.

We will also, ahead, be discussing the failures of Dubya. Yesterday, the GOP got trounced.

Of course, when Bibi ended up with 12 remaining seats. And, up ahead the same "fortune" can befall Ehud Barak ... it leaves one to wonder ... why there's no real talking!

You'd get an ear-full if people were analyzing the bull's shit, out loud.