Friday, November 14, 2008

Groupthink 1

A while ago I sort of approvingly linked to an article by Camille Paglia. Well, two months or so have passed, and she's not taking back her earlier positive impressions of Sarah Palin, even though in the meantime media disapproval of her has grown so all-prevailing that TV anchors I've seen don't even explain their disdain, they take it as a starting point. Paglia thinks they're being hypocrites.

Personally, I don't have much of an opinion on Palin, but I do think the way people went after her was unserious. As Paglia notes, she wasn't ready to be president - but then, nor was John Edwards. (Or Barack Obama?). Anyway, I recommend her present column. I also like her metaphor of Obama the surfer; and you really should follow her link to the Laird Hamilton film, and then stick around You-Tube to watch other examples. A world-class artist.

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Anonymous said...


I'm sure you've seen the tests where you get multiple choice selections to "two things." And, you're to pick what's most similar.

Here? Palin is the same as a Haredi.

I say this because Palin is infused with religious beliefs that belong to her church. But anyone outside this church would be amazed at what's taught.

Did you know Palin believes the world is only 6,000 years, or so, old? She takes Genesis literally. No. Not too many people believe in this, literally. Some view Biblical tales as literature, though.

And, the reason Palin can understand her Bible is that from Tindale (who got burnt at the stake), to King James, who followed Elizabeth the First to the throne, there were POLITICAL REASONS to bust the monopoly held by the Catholic Church.

King James brought together at least as many "experts" as had been brought together in Babylon, to translate the Hebrew Bible, into Greek. Which comes down to us as the Septuagent.

From Greek. To Latin. To the monopoly held by Popes. Where ordinary citizens were forbidden to even see the Bible, let alone to learn how to read it.

Yes, this changed under Henry VIII of England.

And, that's how English Literature enters the picture. "Barah Elohim et a Shamayim v. et ha Haretz." Became the famous first line: "In the beginning."

And, through the hands of multiple generations over these past 400 or 500 or so years, the English Language grew strong. And, "something" took hold.

Yes, Shakespeare, too.

But if you were to go back in time, you'd see it. ALL the people, once a week, were exposed to hearing the Bible read in English. Just as they became accustomeed to Shakespeare's wonderful language.

All about lost, now. (According to English Literature professor John Sutherland, tapes by the Teaching Company: 800-832-2412).

Here's the gist of it. Long ago people started off LISTENING. Then came the art of reading. Something the middle class adopted at the same time there were journeys to the New World.)

The earliest book HEARD; and then taught to children to read, was the King James version of the Bible. (Which was really still 80% Tindale's.)

"Music to a person's ears."

People could sit for hours LISTENING. Which is why we see, for instance, how well people went out of their ways to hear Lincoln speak.)

This is no longer true.

Starting in the early 20th Century, with VISUALS, people switched from listening with their ears, to SEEING WITH THEIR EYES.)

This creates a disonance, when it comes to tolerating LONG dissertations. People prefer making snap decisions. By looking and learning through their eyes.

So, there ya go.

Like Reagan, Palin is popular, because she is visually pleasing. And, she's not taxed with having to explain much. Just an eye twinkle.

Or, as Reagan discovered, it didn't matter what they were saying about him in the press, since he owned the visuals! The White House supplied them.

And, peole responded with their eyes.

Meanwhile, Dubya just about ruined the GOP. He's leaving. And, it is in tatters.

What's happening? Politicians are brazenly trying to steal the ball. And, since Palin can pull audience, there are forces who wouldn't mind seeing her "less popular."

While the prize really resides with Obama. And, just like in football, he's got the ball. If he fumbles? Then the other team tries to retrieve it.

Israeli politics is also in disarray. And, you can see the same political machinations going on; even though many of you don't think a whole lot of any of your politicians.

It's as if it's a "song and dance" contest. You're looking to see winnahs. But you're not hearing anything substantial.

By the way, John Edwards is a dead fish. Ain't gonna go anywhere, anymore, politically.

And, Obama has to deal with Hillary. Who, according to a Drudge poll, yesterday, would have even gotten more votes than Obama. Not that it matters. In America you win when you attract "more than half the votes."

How can Obama deal with Hillary? Well, today, Drudge says she's on the list for "Secretary of State." Why her? And, not her husband? I do not know. My guess? If Hillary is handed Condi's job, perhaps Bill would be willing to slip into her seat in the senate? He'd get to be Majority Chair, ya know. I mean, how could he be denied?

Palin, however, can only come forward because her base wants it's "powers" back. The powers squandered by Dubya. Especially where it concerns seating judges.

As if no one learned from our recent election that ALL 3 restrictive abortion policies that hit the ballots, ALL FAILED.

Why were the restrictions up there? Because there were people with money (like the Catholic Church), setting up a round of challenges up for the Supreme Court, "to decide."

And, now? Money's spent. Nothing's to decide.

And, if Dubya doesn't leave enough of a bad taste ... on par ... or worse than Herbert Hoover's ... you can try to theorize what happens next.

On the other hand? It's Obama's ball. Should be interesting to watch him play.

As Wall Street drove our economy into the toilet.

Michael Lewis, among my favorite authors, has a new book coming out on December 8th. Worth a visit to Amazon, let me tell ya!

Michael Lewis explains why our economy went south. Greed's there. But worse. The rating's agencies LIED. And, the money making of Wall Street was based on FRAUD.

The down side? Oh, yeah. Will leave years of room so that we can all talk about it.

Or? Do you prefer the visuals?