Thursday, November 6, 2008



Anonymous said...


A good cartoon.

But as clever as it is, it still misses the fact that McCain had no brain cells left to run a campaign where he could spell out his own rules for governing.

And, the way the right bloggers played it? They played it as if this train wasn't coming down the tracks at all.

Today, McCain's "people" are letting loose on Sarah Palin! As if the defeat is her fault! While if you tried to find one person who could lead the "grass roots players," it would be she.

Bush? Can't lead the GOP.

McCain? He is just a cypher. He's not going to do much, ahead, except "go across the aisle" to help Obama's legislation get passed. Equally true when candidates to fill slots up on the Supreme's bench, also come down the pike.

So many times people see campaigns as being very dirty. Supposedly? The worst one was let loose just as George Washington was set to step down. And, the battle lines got drawn between John Adams as Thomas Jefferson.

Here, I'm not sure. But I think John Adams bested Jefferson by 3 votes. So after Adams got into office, Jefferson (who usually did not speak ill of anyone) ... used to ask the rhetorical question: "Since he only won by 3 points, why listen to him?"

It should also be pointed out that it was Adams who accused Jefferson of impregnating slaves.

Yet, Sally Hemmings was really his wife's half sister! In other words? Sally Hemmings was half white. And, her children 3/4's white. (It's also possible that she was impregnated by Thomas Jefferson's uncle. You can't get to any clearer DNA evidence, now, than that.)

But it also wasn't uncommon for White Southern gentlemen to have sex with Black slave ladies.

And, as I said, Thomas Jefferson loved his wife! She died in childbrith. Another very common occurrence back in those days. And, his wife had been given her father's own daughter (because she was part slave), to serve her.

Yes, Thomas Jefferson saw the family resemblence. And, yes. Thomas Jefferson had slaves with red hair. Tall as he. Who served "inside" ... the preferred jobs of slaves, where the White men tought they were being "generous."

Thomas Jefferson was red headed.

This time around? McCain came across as a man without a single idea!

When Bush started bailing out Wall Street, it seems McCain got so excited, he dropped everything, just to be a part of this "give away" ... to his friends.

No one talks about this stuff. Not in print, anyway. But you can see results. For instance, North Carolina has just been called for Obama. (So that, yes, Obama made inroads into Southern territory.)

It's a good start!

Plus, it exposes Bibi. If you think Bibi can dictate terms to Obama, good luck to ya.

Hardly likely America's election leaves Bibi in any position of strength!

Should Livni win ahead? (I did like her remark, when she decided to tell Shimon Peres the country was ready for elections ... "that she'd see these heroic men in 90-days.)

Business as usual, ahead?

How so? Being in the opposition has its shortcomings.

Being realistic, however, doesn't seem to enjoy much in the way of history lessons, yet.

For history lessons to come down the pike? Gosh. We'll wait at least a decade. And, then? Who knows?

Though McCain's failures were so obvious to me ... I can't imagine how it went unnoticed for so long.

Still, ahead? Expect McCain to work with democrats. And, independents. He's not crazy enough to throw in his lot with the religious nutters. Heck, by the end of his campaign he was ready to blast Palin! Well? Do you think he wants Palin to become the voice of the GOP?

Why did McCain pick Palin? Probably6 for the same reason he picked Cindy to be his wife. She made his political life easier because her family was loaded with money. You think he treats her well?

Maybe, that's why she took drugs? John McCain is probably no joy to be around.

And, I'd even bet, ditto with Bibi.

Anonymous said...


Yes. Me. Again.

American history is so interesting. Just as we declared Independence, the British thought we'd fail. (And, the french? Well, the only reasons Napoleon dealt with us; and sold Thomas Jefferson, for instance, the LOUISIANA PURCHASE, is that his dream of getting it back through war, FAILED.)

Napoleon sent 60,000 troops to Santa Domingo (which shares the Island with Haiti). Thinking it would be easy to establish a french colony, here. From which attack of America, at its port in New Orleans would be easy.

60,000 French troops died. They were attacked by the Free Slaves on this Island, who thought death was better than re-capture. And, of course, disease. Back in those days diseases killed by the tens of thousands.

England also betrayed the Americans, by telling the Barbary Pirates they could have a field day on American vessels. (Thomas Jefferson paid them, each year, more than a million dollars! And, he also gave them our best ships. Davey Jones met his death, here.)

And, it wasn't until America's 5th President: James Monroe. That our navy fought back ("From the Halls of Montesuma, to the shores of Tripoli." Winning the battle gives credit to the American Marines.) And, James Monroe's MANIFEST DESTINY took hold.

Of course, America talks about presidents. Not kings. But like any political system, the first group of "aristocrats" ... personified by John Adams. Was that families began believing the presidency was "theirs to keep."

Not until Andrew Jackson was DENIED his victory, by Henry Clay. And, a corrupted Congress ... did the People get to retaliate. Andrew Jackson was elected again. And, again. While the Whigs were diminished by Clay's moves.

Andrew Jackson, the first DEMOCRAT. And, the first man who achieved success by appealing to the public. (Rather than by going to the "right schools." Jackson was self-educated.) He was president through two terms: 1828. And, 1832. Leaving office in 1836.

Abraham Lincoln would be next. Also self educated. Also elected to two terms. But assassinated at the beginning of his second term. An "inside job."

Israel deals with the assassination of Rabin. Politics and the religious nutters don't mix.

And, Israel also deals with the "petunias." Those who carve out political careers that are supposed to last for generations. The making of this elite core. (Of course, thanks to Marx. And, Ben-Gurion. WHo also wanted to hold onto powers.)

America's Founding Fathers developed a system that blanketed a huge territory! Israel? Seems to be a shrinking collosus. Why is that?

Well, America proved that religous hooks tend to bring about wars. WHile the secular world can handle politics across a broad spectrum.

And, Obama's election just pushed further into this phenomena.

For the Romney Family? Being Mormons was their shortcoming.

For the Bush Family? Dubya had no talent to lead. But he "got the job."

Gore, too, comes from family connections. But he's not within Obama's framework.

The Kennedy's however, are!

It's just a matter of watching what develops.

What Obama has, by the way, is his youth. And, his temperament. Good to remember, FDR thrived on his temperment.

Today, America has more to be proud of than anything Dubya did in all his 8 years.

The day dawns, anew.