Thursday, December 18, 2008

Hamas Decides to Renew Attacks on Civilians

Hamas has calmly decided shooting indiscriminately at civilians in the hope of killing them is better than seeking a policy that would benefit the citizens they rule.

Gaza-based spokesman for Hamas, Fawzi Barhoum, said there was "no possibility" of renewing the truce.

"We at Hamas have the right to respond to any Zionist aggression against the Palestinian people. It's a national duty," he said.

Speaking to Israel's Haaretz newspaper, Defence Minister Ehud Barak said the ceasefire had been beneficial.

"Of course the tahadiyeh (calm) was not a mistake," he told Haaretz.

"If the quiet continues, there will be quiet. If the calm breaks, we will operate."

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Anonymous said...


To Hamas, just getting their names in newspapers, is a goal, reached!

Same thing in Mumbai!

Same thing on 9/11!

Of course, this is only PART of a game. There's another piece that falls away; because it doesn't start WW3. In other words?

In Israel, and in most cities in America, the police have turned PROFESSIONAL! Now, to get hired, it doesn't mean you "got the job because your brother-in-law put in the fix." Real training is also on-going. And, promotions, through the ranks, also depends on professionalism.

It actually started with "militarism." The part most citizens don't see. But professional police departments are run, structured like military command posts.

And, until it makes sense to those who make the big decisions, you're not going to see more than Hamas headlines; which disappear quickly.

As a matter of fact, even the atrocious roadside bombings has been stalled. (Which I learned when I read about Mumbai's attack. And, the fact that the terrorists are squatting about ... loooking for more headlines.)

Sorry, but this isn't one of them. Long before Hamas "shoots" ... you can be sure a husband, there, has beaten his wife. And, abuses his kids. This is a very sick society.

If you sprinkled aspirins on top you wouldn't cure a thing, either.

That Gaza is a mess? What do you expect? Arik SHaron is in a coma. And, EHud Barak is PARALIZED. He is so unpopular, he dares not do much but wave off the press with platitudes. You want to follow him into Gaza? You want Amir Peretz to look better than this putz?

Up ahead are new elections. But no new solutions.

Add to this mischief that Dubya, UNPOPULAR in the USA, is trying to get the UN ... and the "quartet" to force "Annapolis" ... or actually THE SAUDI PLAN WHERE THEY GET NEW REAL ESTATE ... down the throats of Israel.

There are enough other problems on the table, ripening, now ... this one isn't going to be where you see "hits."

You'll see hits because Madoff STOLE $50 billion in a Ponzi scheme, where he got lots of Jewish investors. Some of them with tip-top names. Who thought of themselves as so "special" they'd be earning 17% to 22% in profits. While they sold off Blue Chips, to join in. (And, now they're all broke.)

That means? You can't go and collect charity like you used to.

You can't fly into America, like Olmert, Perez, Sharon, and others "used to."

The rabbis from Jerusalem are worried sick they can no longer provide food to all those families, where the men don't have jobs. But got convinced to study Torah all the live-long day.

One reason this stupidity didn't take hold in America; is that America ... going back to about 1870; when the first big wave of Jews began arriving ... PROVIDED FREE PUBLIC SCHOOLS. And, mothers, at home, desperate for some time wher their kids would be out of the ir hair, and out of their houses, sent them for this FREE education.

The boys? They got to go to Hebrew school AFTER SCHOOL, 3 times a week. And, many grew up HATING all aspects of religion.

But if you want to look at differences, you'd find them right there! In Europe? Jewish men were "trained to be scholars." Ditto, for the ultra-orthodox in Israel.

Only in America are things different.

As to Hamas, think of them as having come from Egypt. And, soon enough, there may be actions coming out of Eygpt that absorbs these "fah-schtunkeners" again?

I don't know. I don't foretell the future. For that, you need to go and ask the Oracle at Delphi. (Her reports on Greece and Rome, however, detail their collapse.)

Meanwhile, believe what you like. Faith is irrational.

And, while Hamas was "doing its thing" ... Israelis were coming up with a few of their own surprises.

No. Not a cakewalk. But not a great land grab for the Saud's either.

Heck, Americans are absorbing how Bush's exit strategy from office, now has flying shoes thrown at his head. Shows ya, though. Maliki has composure. He didn't jump up and down, or burst out laughing.

Doesn't mean you can't.