Thursday, December 18, 2008

Too Many Women...

Kadima's rank and file yesterday picked their list of candidates for the upcoming elections. They were the first party to pull this off using an online electronic voting system, which proves that it's usually a good idea with computer products to let someone else go first and fail so you can learn from their mistakes and look good. Anyway.

Most Israeli parties that aren't orthodox or Arab usually devise a system of reserving a minimum number of slots for women candidates, to ensure they don't end up looking like male chauvinist pigs (the Arabs apparently don't care, and the orthodox are proud of it). So also Kadima. Alas, the voters of Kadima dramatically overshot, when they picked four women for the first ten slots. So this morning, according to the Hebrew version of the story here, (no English translation), the men who were shunted off to the bottom of the list are mumbling that the women who got into the reserved slots in the second batch of ten should be thrown out to make room for more men. Heh.

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