Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Tragi-Comic Relief

The parade of antisemites at The Guardian includes an article by one Ed Husain. He trots out all the usual claptrap about how Palestinian hatred is all Israel's fault; given his elevated status of Person of (light) Color at a newspaper where skin color confers moral stature, he admonishes his readers that actually, they, the descendants of imperialism, are the true culprits for the mess and must now rectify the damage. So for, so boring. But then he has this magnificent line:
How can the children of Holocaust survivors become such brutal killers? And during the Sabbath?
My italics.

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Anonymous said...

I just happen to come from Ed Husain's sermon... Well, I guess that's what a moderate Islamist (ehm) would think about the situation. Perhaps most amusing was the slip about the sixty years of occupation...