Friday, December 12, 2008

What if Israel were to Save the Environment?

It looks like America's three gigantic car makers are in danger of going under. This is a prospect that should frighten us all, since it will be a major blow to the already reeling American economy, and that does no-one in the world any good.

I profess no particular understanding of the issue. Apparently, however, the root cause of the Big Three's problems is not that there's no market for cars. The Japanese seem to be chugging along. And these folks over here are convinced they're on the threshold of a major (as in "large") breakthrough with cars that save energy and are good for the environment.

Wouldn't it be sweet if a group of Israelis, using Israel as exhibit number one, were to lead a dramatic change in the way we damage our environment? Wouldn't it be a pleasure to read George Monboit's column, say, over at the Guardian, admitting that those colonial reactionary thugs showed us all the way? I suggest a title: "Al Gore did the slide show, but Israel fixed the problem".


Anonymous said...


American car makers are BLOATED!

They sell crap with great air-conditioning. But their cars can't compete with Volswagons, or any of the Japanese cars.

Plus, in one experience I had (before I switched), I brought my Cadillac in for those recommended visits "to the dealer." And, the dealer's men stole my brand new tires!

No, I didn't notice! But, afterwards, weeks later, at a gas station, the attendant pointed out that my tires had no tread!

No, I don't go back.

As to the crazy bailout. What exactly is getting bailed? Did you know the "average" unionized worker earns $70 an hour, when you kick in overtime! And, everybody got covered with great benefits.

Now, you want taxpayers to bail out another stinking company? That gave away it's name long ago.

Of course, Dubya's the worst president you've ever seen! Not one honest word comes out of his mouth. (That's why his speeches, when he does make them, falls so flat.)

As to what started this ugly ball rolling? You think the governor of Illinois is a "character" who steals from the public till? And, he's alone? Nope.

The real ganuvim are still on Wall Street. Still refusing to admit how the economy tanked in the first place.

Where, in the first place, they began lending mortgage money to anyone! You didn't even need any criteria to apply. Just your willingness to sign your name.

Imagine that! The rubes were told it was the same as paying rent. The rates on these expensive homes seemed so low ... That this is where the mess is.

How so? Well, mortgages to Wall Street became "money." They "split apart the mortgages; taking mostly bad ones. And, putting them into derivatives with a few good mortgages. (Good mortgages are the ones where people make their monthly payments ON TIME!)

When the mortgages reached a failure rate of 14%, the whole stack of cards came crashing down.

Well? How was Wall Street able to sell these "bonds of crap?" EASY! Have Moody's and the S&P (Standard & Poor), put triple AAA ratings on them!

Did you know PROFITS blind people to the mechanisms, underneath, designed by thieves to fleece as many people as possible?

Did you know that government economies need real estate BOOMS to look successful? It's when you can't sell the crap that you notice a problem.

And, it didn't take the Edsel to know that American car makers were producing cars that broke down at an alarming rate. (When their dealers didn't add that they'd remove a good part from your car ... to pass along to someone else ... for profits.)

Until you realize you couldn't sell me another Cadilac. PERIOD.

Sometimes, your name is the most valuable possession you have.

What Dubya's done? No more Bush's need to apply for fancy government jobs. It seems America smells these rich guys, now, and pukes.

Anonymous said...


... And, I might add; living in "earthquake country" ... that the marvels of building "by code" ... and having miles of concrete poured for traffic lanes; gave us something to view.

In other words? Big earthquakes hit "unindustrialized" areas. And, whammo. Hundreds, if not thousands, die. (China wasn't immune. When their Szechuan earthquake hit, buildings fell on school kids.)

So, America does stand out. In spite of Al Gore's claims that "warmings" are coming; IF you knew about geology, you'd know we've had ICE AGES. Had nothing to do with humans! And, for all the evidence, so far? Humans have forestalled the next ICE AGE, which is due.

Ice Ages in the past killed off many groups of animals and peoples, who couldn't cope with the colder weather.

In warming periods, so far, humans have advanced.

While in China? The price of pollution is higher than anywhere else on earth. And, they've got more than a billion people!

Gosh. Why aren't schools good enough at teaching critical thinking skills? Propaganda garbage is just junk. And, junk science is worthless.