Sunday, January 25, 2009

About War

A blogger at the Spectator (they also are British) hosts an English soldier who identifies with the IDF troops from the perspective of someone who knows war. People tell me this blog is too morbid, what with all the nasties I host, so here's a moment of reprieve. But don't get your expectations up.

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Anonymous said...

on what I think the IDF really achieved when considered at a wider angle

the IDF have shown that urban warfare is possible without being as costly to "us" than it was for example in the battle for Falluja (link to the book below) -
at least I got that impression from what I could read about Gaza in my living room -
and last but not least the cost to the civilians seems also to have been considerably lower than at Falluja -
If my impression is correct that the IDF strategy in Gaza was completely different from the Marines' in Falluja (even though the conditions seem to be somewhat similar) than this would be a reason to hail the IDF with enthusiasm for having developped a first promising stepping stone for something else than the current counterinsurgency doctrine