Thursday, January 8, 2009

Bloggers vs. Hacks

While prominent journalists flown in to Israel to report on the war continue to kvetch about not being able to do their job properly because the IDF isn't allowing them into Gaza, Meryl Yourish sat at her desk in Richmond VA and used the internet. I don't know how much Meryl's time is worth, but she'll forgive me if I assume the time she spent on her bit of investigative journalism cost less than, say, putting up Jeremy Bowen for one night at the American Colony hotel in Jerusalem. Which is kind of sad, if you're a tax paying British person paying the upkeep of the BBC, since Meryl manages to do a far better job than Jeremy.

Anyway, Meryl makes a good case that Hamas is puposefully targeting schools. Don't wait for Jeremy to quote her.

As I noted yesterday, some real journalists who know their turf seem not particularly impeded by the ban on traveling. My second example was Amira Hass. Today she's got an item up about how the Hamas goons are murdering fellow Palestinians. She doesn't give numbers, nor does she tell if these dead are being chalked up to Israel's account. But she does sort of reinforce that sinking feeling that perhaps the Hamas aren't the kind of people you want in your neighborhood if you have the choice.

Finally, a post I put up last August that you might want to look at if you weren't here at the time: in which it will appear clear that my lowish opinion of journalists wasn't formed this week. I admit, I come to this matter with my own prejudices.

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