Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Israel is to Blame for Britain's Woes

The Guardian is quick and expansive to report that the top British anti-terror official says Israel's actions in Gaza are fueling hatred against the West, and specifically against the UK.

Let's assume for the moment, merely for the sake of the argument, that the UK really were fully on Israeli's side, to the extent that anger at Israel could be legitimately directed also at them, and that this affinity was wholly altruistic and could be terminated at a moment's notice if so wished. And let's also assume that the hatred of the Islamists rises even higher than it already is because of anything Israel does or doesn't do. Just for the sake of the argument, mind you.

Now, the Islamist murderers threaten the UK for its position. There seem to be two over-arching responses one can think of:
1. "This is our way of life, we're proud of it, we'll never change it because of you bastards, on the contrary, bugger off or we'll crush you."
2. We must throw Israel to the dogs, because they're endangering us, the bastards.

Do you begin to see, at least dimly, why Israelis like America, and have but minimal trust in the Europeans when it comes to the essentials?

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Babs said...

The UK is becoming increasingly dhimmified with every passing day. We recently had Lord Ahmed threatening the House of Lords with armies of Muslims marching on Parliament if we dared show Geert Wilders' "Fitna" widely in the UK. Of course the House of Lords caved in.

Little wonder then that the government melts into its boots with fright at the prospect of a backlash if it shows any support for Israel.

I was born and live in the UK. I am ashamed of what it's become and scared of what it might become unless we stand up and be counted and soon.