Sunday, January 11, 2009

NYT: Yes, Hamas Fights Dirty

Steven Erlanger of the New York Times has written a surprisingly detailed description of the tactics both sides have been using in the fighting in Gaza. It's an article worth bookmarking, because in the future, when the liars systematically deny everything we'll say about the Hamas enemy our troops faced in Gaza, it will be useful to quote the New York Times as our source.


Anonymous said...

Did you notice that you got a mention in the NYT this morning?

In the Week in Review section there's an article by Jacob Heilbrunn entitled "Telling the Holocaust Like It Wasn't".

None of these sweeping assertions is doing very well in modern scholarship. The notion that Eichmann and his fellow bureaucrats were anything but zealous anti-Semites has been convincingly refuted by the Eichmann biographer David Cesarani and by Yaacov Lozowick in “Hitler’s Bureaucrats.” At his trial, Mr. Lozowick says, Eichmann was simply trying to escape justice when he presented himself as a cog in the Nazi wheel.
Link here

Soccer Dad said...

The last few paragraphs about the UN school undid some of the effect of the rest of the article. Erlanger should have emphasized the violations of international law committed by Hamas and raised questions about the reliability of the UN.

Still, maybe Clark Hoyt should have read this article before typing.

joseph said...

Did anyone notice that Taghreed El-Khodary contributed. I believe I have seen this person on CNN and the pro-palestinian position was obvious.


Toby - Northern Light Blog said...

" will be useful to quote the New York Times"

It is an interesting article, but it should be noted that with foreign journalists not allowed in to Gaza currently the article does rely on Israeli military sources for some of the assertions: "...Israeli intelligence officials say." is the end of the first paragraph.

The speed at which the UN school story has changed makes me think reserving judgement might be wise until some of the fog of war has rolled away from the battlefield.

Yaacov said...

How right you are, Toby. Think what how better a world it would be, if journalists had to wait a moment before talking about things they mostly don't understand, and mostly don't have sufficient information about!