Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Obama's an Imperialist

And, seen from the perspective of the Guardian, a worse epithet is hard to come by.

I wrote about this pathology of many European intellectuals a while back. Today, upon completion of the first week of the Obama administration, one of the Guardian stalwarts, Richard Seymour, piles his venom on the new president and lots of other people these past two centuries for thinking that perhaps some communities and nations may not be capable of English-style democracy on their own, and castigates them for thinking anything they might ever do would have any positive effect anywhere. Reading him you sort of get the feeling what he really wants Western powers to do is just go dig themselves holes and die.

Amusingly, Mr. Seymour's e-mail address is leninstomblog@gogglemail.com, and if you wonder where that comes from, it leads you to his blog, titled Lenin's Tomb; he signs his posts as Lenin. I spoof you not.

Reality check: the only reason Lenin is not near the very top of the list of mass murderers of the 20th century is that he died young, and his horrendous regime was eventually taken over by the even worse Stalin, who then didn't die young.


Fabián said...

Richard Seymour is a nobody with a blog. He is a regular laughing stock at Harry's Place.
He belongs to the SWP of the UK.
He is not a Guardian stalwart, only an idiot with too much ego.

JohnBaker68 said...

"He is a regular laughing stock at Harry's Place"

Well considering Harry's Place is a laughing stock to the world, that's no bad thing.