Wednesday, January 28, 2009

"What Life Asks of Us"

David Brooks makes an interesting case for self-fulfillment through belonging, or by having an identity based on tradition.

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Anonymous said...

Institutional practies and rules often reflect accumulated experience. To abide by them spares the need to reinvent the wheel, and that is often a very good thing.
However, I am not sure whether it is advisable to subjugate oneself blindly to any social group or role or code. I have come across too many disfunctional traditions. When they collide with my moralities, I stick with the latter.
(Of course they are a tradition too, basically a simple principle which was passed down on me by my parents. But that is not the reason why I accept it as my own rule. The reason is that it has stood extensive testing; so well that when in doubt, I prefer it over affiliation.)