Thursday, February 19, 2009

Hitler Can't Find Parking in Tel Aviv

There's all sorts of talk swirling around cyberspace about an Israeli spoof someone put up on Youtube, where a section from a recent German film about Hitler's final days has been dubbed with Hebrew subtitles, according to which Hitler can't find parking in Tel Aviv. (I never drive down to Tel Aviv. I take the bus and let the bus driver worry about parking).

Haaretz tells that Holocaust survivors are furious and demanding Youtube delete the clip.
Noah Flug, the chairman of the Center of Organizations of Holocaust Survivors and a survivor of Mauthausen concentration camp, sent a letter to YouTube demanding that the clip be removed due to its sensitivity.
I've known Noah Flug for more than 40 years, and have great respect for him, but in this case I disagree. The clip isn't offending to survivors, it's side-splitting funny, at least in its original Hebrew version. The English one that has been put up "in response to public demand", so to speak, is merely quite funny. Both of them are embedded in that Haaretz link, so go judge for yourselves.


Anonymous said...

a pity it does not work for a native German speaker but I realized again what a phony movie that is and why I did not manage to watch the DVD for more than 10 minutes -
the voices just do not match the sweaty anxious faces and having served coffee to men in meetings quite often I know that even with much lower level personnel voices are a lot more telling on stress levels than "Mein Führer, Steiner ..." which sounds like nothing a real person would sound like ...
- in short lousy acting - compare Elizabeth Taylor's performance in "Cat on a hot tin roof" - her voice is constantly getting her paws burned ... That's what I call acting
rgds, Silke

Yaacov said...

Silke - I'm also a German speaker (tho not native). The trick is to turn off the volume so you don't hear them talking (tho the synchronization is so good that when hitler shouts about the SS and Stalin, so does the spoofer)

Anonymous said...

thank you, it is brilliant and beats even the one linked below
... and with muted tone the spoof exposes the less than up to the task acting even more
just in case you do not know this one - I have picked one with the tone especially clear and hope your Bavarian is up to the task, if yes - enjoy!
rgds, Silke

JesusOverIsrael said...

nice post. could i take this opportunity to ask you a question about the holocaust?

i see that you work at Yad Vashem. Holocaust revisionists and deniers make a big deal out of the fact that Yad Vashem seems to have officially altered some of the classic Holocaust stories, for instance:

1. the death toll for Auschwitz was revised down from 4 million to 1 million.

2. the stories of soap into fat and skin into lampshades have been renounced as myths.

3. also many historians now deny that there were even homicidal gas chambers at auschwitz and instead place them at other camps.

many people in the world have a sense that the Jewish Holocaust story is unravelling.

can you provide some explanation if possible?

toda rabba.

ps what do you make of this claim about elie wiesel:

Anonymous said...


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