Sunday, March 29, 2009

At the Center of the Storm

Martin Ivens of the London Times has a somewhat rambling article written in Tel Aviv about the upcoming G20 meeting in London. His subject: the G20 is a talkshop. Obama's real legacy will be forged in the Middle East.

The underlying themes: Reality is stronger than politicians' ability to spin it, even hugely talented politicians. Even the President of the United States is rather limited in his ability to forge reality. And finally, the Jews are at the center of it. Again, I might note: they've been there or nearby for most of the past 2,000 years, give or take five centuries.

It would be nice to be comfortable and irrelevant, in a New Zealandish sort of way. Sigh.

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Anonymous said...

New Zealanders spend all their time hoping to be relevant oneday.