Thursday, March 12, 2009

Enough Time to Read

Hardly a week ever goes by in which I don't meet a book - or five - that I'd really like to read. Alas, life being what it is, I'm currently something like a decade behind - assuming, say, 10 hours of reading a day. And the problem keeps getting worse.

Bernard Madoff, however, seems to have found a solution. In return for stealing lots of money from lots of people for lots of decades and using it to live in lots of style, the New York courts are about to arrange for him to have a full 150 years in prison, where he'll have lots of time to read. Here, I can expect to have great grandchildren reaching the end of their natural life spans, with only the dimmest hearsay recollections from the early 21st century, and Bernie will still be sitting there and reading. Hmmpf.

By the way, Powerline claims the 10 American President, John Tyler, born in 1790 (that's the 18th century), still has two living grandsons. Not certain how they figured the maths, but one does wonder if the Tyler family ran a ponzi scheme.

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Anonymous said...

Sometimes I think it sounds like fun to go to prison, as long as you get your own room (like in the Wire) and no one beats the crap out of you or worse. Lots of time to read or write.