Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Gaza Food Blockade Over

The government decided yesterday to allow as much food into Gaza as anyone wants to send in. If you see this mentioned in your local media, feel free to tell me. Even more interesting will be to see if any media outlets continue to talk about the hungry Gazans being starved by Israel: If they say so, we'll know they're lying. If they don't, we'll know they know, and we'll also know they didn't tell what they know.


Anonymous said...


Has anyone ever starved to death in Gaza?

I've seen pictures of starving children in Haiti and Africa, but I've never seen evidence of anyone going hungry in Gaza. My assumption is that if someone was starving in Gaza, the local "activists" and their friends in the media would make sure photos were available.

We often hear that Gaza is on the verge of a terrible humanitarian crisis, but we never actually see evidence that anyone has gone without food or other basic necessities.

Yaacov said...

Of course no-one is starving in Gaza. It's not the Warsaw ghetto, after all. On the contrary: in the endless visual reports broadcast from Gaza, no-one looks even remotely hungry, nor clad in rags, for that matter. There are quite a number of grievously afflicted places in today's world, but Gaza is not on any objective shortlist of the worst of them.

On the other hand, it is indeed a dismal place. It's ruled by a gang of violent thugs who don't give a fig about the well-being of their citizens. If they did, they would long ago have done things to improve many things.

Anonymous said...


Thanks for the response.

Why then does the media, who are supposedly in the region covering these issues, blatantly lie about the threat of starvation to the Gaza population?

Even from many thousands of miles away, one can tell from a variety of factors (photo evidence of people and stores; level of international assistance that enters; health indicators of the population; its relative wealth in comparison to Sinai bedouin who have never been reported to be on the verge of starving to death) that no one would be starving there...

Anonymous said...

Because "the media" are people.In that case, Palastenians.It is well-known and there is plenty of evidence that a lot of the "incidents" shown on Tv all around the world are even fakes!They simply use anything they can use to show the world they are "victims" of the evil Jews... you cannot suppose they respect any kind of life - not even that of their own folks.They send civilians to the places the IDF has warned them to leave - in order to use this against th Jews.In order to make the Guardian function;-)... not funny, after all, but that's the sad reality.It just is.

Anonymous said...

Talking about the media, what do people think about the book 'Bad News from Israel.'? If my fairly pro-Pal friend thinks it's good, does this mean that it is full of rubbish? I should read it, I know, but I can't bear to read rubbish about Israel anymore.