Monday, March 16, 2009

Hamas, Too...

According to the Jerusalem Post, citing various Palestinian spokesmen converged in Cairo for yet another attempt to forge a Palestinian unity government, the talks are likely to fail, partly because Hamas rejects the Fatah demand that the unity government accept the agreements signed by the Palestinian Authority (PA). In other words, Hamas is not willing to join a unity government that would dramatically enhance the Palestinian's international standing, especially with the Americans, if the price is to recognize Israel's right to exist.
[Salah] Bardaweel [a Hamas spokesman] said that the Hamas negotiators were surprised when their Fatah counterparts told them that there would be no "unity government" unless it accepted the Oslo Accords and recognized Israel's right to exist.

"This is their way of foiling the talks," he charged. "They set impossible conditions."

Don't expect to read this in the Guardian any time soon, of course.

(h.t Powerline)

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