Wednesday, March 25, 2009

The King of Vodka

This is the title of a recently published book. I haven't read it yet (here's why), but it's on my list. It sounds like a good read, but also - due disclosure - I know the author, Linda Himelstein, and I've been following her efforts as she's worked on it. She's a serious person. As regular readers know, I generally have a low opinion of journalists, but Linda spent years working at knowing what she's talking about, without losing the main advantage journalists often do have, the ability to tell an interesting tale. Here, for example, she tells about some of her adventures in writing the book. Once you read them, you'll just have to read the book itself.

If you buy it now, Amazon will still deliver it before Pessach. Since Vodka isn't chametz, there's no fear in reading it once the cleaning is over and you want to take a break.

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