Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Netanyahu's New Government

One advantage in being a centrist is that you don't need to be against a new government merely because you didn't vote for it. On the contrary. Being a centrist means you hope a new government will do such a fine job you'll have no compunctions about voting for it next time. (Alas, this doesn't always happen).

So, although I didn't vote for Netanyahu nor any of the parties that make up his rather improbable coalition, and I'm not convinced his government will successfully run this country for the coming four years, I hope it will. And if it does, I'll vote for him next time.

In the meantime, here's a statement that's making its rounds in cyberspace regarding one of the key figures in the new government; for those of you who are hebraically challenged, the pun is that the Hebrew word for cabinet minister is Sar, which rather rhymes with Czar.
Update: AP has an article about Netanyahu's new government which also sorts of takes a centrist line: maybe this time he'll be alright.

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