Saturday, March 28, 2009

NYT Corrective

Somewhat to my surprise, I admit, the New York Times continues to follow the story of the IDF behavior in Gaza; this time they've got a story that mostly tells it as it is. So unlike some media outlets, at least the NYT is being professional.

(Silke in comments to the previous post fumes over the editorial choice to caption the story with a picture showing devastation in Gaza, but I can live with that. There really was lots of devastation; I'm willing to own it, war being what it always is, and the Palestinians insisting on war over peace. The slander was in depicting the IDF as a raging brutal horde, which of course it never remotely was.)

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amicus said...

When I left England for North America in 1962 I subscribed to the Manchester Guardian/Le Monde Weekly. How different it is today from what it was then! But so is Britain. The "deligitimization /demonization" of Israel allows the expression of latent anti-semitisism in the UK today. And the Guardian is leading the way in this effort. That has not happened in the US---so far. Ethan Bronner at least makes an effort of being even-handed and analytical, He also reports from Israel, rather than from several thousand miles away.

Thanks for your coomments/reader from Portland Oregon