Monday, March 16, 2009

Whatever Happened to that Slogan?

Netanyahu and Lieberman have initialed a coalition agreement. I haven't read the agreement itself, which by law will have to be made public as soon as it comes into effect, but if you believe the report in Haaretz, it seems Lieberman's main pre-election slogan, calling for legislation that would mandate Arab Israelis to swear fealty to the state as precondition for citizenship, has evaporated. What a surprise.

Given that this was practically the only piece of evidence (or better, "evidence") that Lieberman was far-right, far-far-right, and all the other epithets hurled at him and his voters, one wonders if any corrections will now be forthcoming.

Well, actually, no, one doesn't wonder.

And no, I don't support Lieberman. But I dislike him less than I dislike the myriad purveyors of falsehoods about Israel.

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