Tuesday, May 26, 2009

But Isn't He an Extremist?

Avigdor Lieberman, our Foreign Minister, has confirmed an item in Maariv this morning: Yes, he has told Netanyahu the government should officially adopt the Roadmap, the document from 2004 that has underpinned whatever negotiations have taken place between Israel and the Palestinians in recent years. The Roadmap to Peace, I remind you, started with George Bush's speech of June 24th 2002 calling for two sovereign states, Israel and Palestine, was drawn up by the Quartet (America, Russia, the EU and the UN), and it specifes practical steps towards achieving the goal. By accepting it, the entire side show of "Is Israel under Netanyahu serious about peace" would be shut down, and it might be possible to go back to the more significant issues of whether there are any Palestinians to talk to.

Yes, Lieberman. But isn't he supposed to be a fanatic Rightwinger, facist, extremist, evil settler, racist, and all those things, I hear you asking? After all, that's what the entire world media has been telling us for months already? Also Israel's Left, they've been saying it also?

Quite. The same Lieberman. Go figure.


Anonymous said...

This exactly is the dilemma! Very few of those in the discourse about the conflict involved really think themselves, but can be distinguished from the given "terms" or better from the "terms", which are prescribed in the media permanently manipulate and do not notice what they are really doing, because they have lost their feeling for the language and have lost no more right to know what actually causes what terms. What these people lack is concept work, the work on the concept, isn' t it so?

Anonymous said...

concerning the german media, i would like to point out the following: in the last two years the entire range of right- to leftwing printed media - whenever publishing an article that would concern mr. liebermann or his beitenu party - would point out their extremistic policies.
far enough - but invariably at one point in each report the hacks insist on trotting out over and over again that mr. liebermann was working at one point as a "T├╝rsteher" (bouncer) for a nightclub. oh, the humanity...
i don't know how that figures in other countries, but here in germany nightclub bouncers are commonly part of the narcotics organised crime. hardly a compliment.
this is so obvious a pathetic attempt at character assassination - it just discredits the profession and the publishers.
i am convinced this is born out of the frustration these biased hacks have to suffer because there is no hard evidence available (not even a conviction for shoplifting or fare dodging) to portray him as characterly flawed, thus unfit for office.
i - for now - do not believe anything anymore these tossers are reporting about the middle east process.