Tuesday, May 12, 2009

An Important Addition to Man's Creation

Some bloggers use their blogs, I've noticed, to promote their books. Juan Cole is an extreme, almost nauseating example, but cooler heads do so too. Which is fine. I don't do it because where I'm at in life, I either blog or I write books, but not both; it takes too much time from other things. By any measure I can think of I ought to write books, but blogging is lazier, so I do it.

Anyway, just the other day an article of mine was put online. I won't make any money from your buying it because it's there for free, but hey, it's there, so I ought to plug it, no? So, go yee all, and read.

Though there is a twist, I must warn you.


Anonymous said...

Twist indeed, and this not only figuratively. I should not have tried to pronounce "przeznaczaƂy".


kai said...

Dobrze, dobrze.

But you didn't translate it into Polish yourself, as I read on the bottom of the last page ;-)

Some of my family members and friends do speak Polish, but I didn't inherit enough to understand it all...

He, you're right: it would help a lot to know some more languages than we actually do.

SnoopyTheGoon said...

Hmm... I can guess maybe one word of each five, Slavic languages being what they are.

And no, you can rest assured, no one compares you with Juan C. As Russians say, you have to eat much more kasha to get there ;-)