Thursday, May 21, 2009

Maybe, Perhaps, Possibly

The BBC reports on the arrest of four antisemitic Muslims in New York, who felt the best way to express their anger at American actions in Afghanistan would be to murder Jews in the Bronx.

Note the formulations and parenthesis:
Arrests in New York 'attack plot'
So maybe it was an attack plot and maybe it wasn't.
The men were seized after allegedly planting what they thought were bombs
near two synagogues in the Bronx area.

It is not the BBC's task to tell us what happened and thereby prejudice our ability to serve on a jury, so it leaves us to make up pur own minds about whether the men actually planted anything near synagogues or perhaps not and it's simply an FBI plot.

Presumption of innocence running wild. The word antisemites, meanwhile, isn't printed anywhere, though the official in the video does use it.


Marc said...

The word "antisemite" is slowly fading from acceptable usage. Even when someone says, "I murdered him because I hate Jews", the explanation "He did it beacause he hates Jews" has become inadequate. Now it's fashionable to say, "Jew-hatred is just a cover up for a real grievances, legitimate or not. But it has nothing at all to do with Jews per se. Hitler is dead. Don't be a fool."

Moss said...

As well as our importing trouble in the form of Muslim immigrants, Islam in the West has become a magnet for home-grown psychopaths, predators and perverts.

Since the Koran encourages attacking, raping and plundering the infidels, criminals of all descriptions are eager to convert so they can get divine justification for their activities.

See links under 'Criminality' and 'Predators, Plunderers and Parasites' at the Religion of Peace™ Subject Index.

Lydia McGrew said...

Btw, I read today that these chaps entered prison on previous charges as Baptists and came out as Muslims. Then they decided to try to murder some Jews. Obviously they weren't angels while they were (some sort of) Baptists, but they weren't specifically trying to murder Jews.