Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Pilot Project With Real Matches

Us high-tech project folks always prefer to launch large-scale multi-year painfully expensive projects with small, limited, contained and inexpensive pilot projects. The idea is that it's hard to sell anyone a project that will bleed their recources, waste their time, consume their attention and exhaust their patience for a decade; a small and painless pilot project, however, three months of inexpensive fun: what could possibly be wrong with that? True, the pilot comes with built in glue that will mean the only way to extricate oneself is by doing that ten-year monstrosity, but hey, high-tech folks have to make a living also, no?

Anyway, the Master of History, or the Divine Screenwriter, or whoever you choose to believe runs the show, clearly has a weakspot for high-tech marketing methods. How else to explain the small pilot project of North Korean nuclear childishness conveniently being set up just before the decisions need to be made on the big project in Iran. Yes Mr. President, we're all watching.

It's not even funny, though laughter is a fine way to deal with bad news.

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