Wednesday, June 10, 2009

German History is Still Wrong

You may recollect the recent post where I explained how German history is all wrong. Well, you ain't seen nothing yet: it's even more wrong.

Though I do warn you the item behind that link is not for the faint of heart.


zionist juice said...

As far as I remember, she was not killed on orders of the government, as the Guardians says.

And, what is if this corpse would be Rosa Luxemburg?
Why would therefore - if all the rest would have happened as known - history be wrong?

Well, all the people that yearly go to her grave would have gone to the wrong place.
But, what else would be wrong?

Anonymous said...

Waldemar Pabst was the commander of a paramilitary unit which was commissioned to put down the "Spartakusaufstand". (Commissioned by the leftist and self-proclaimed interim government.) According to him, he was the one who ordered to kill Rosa Luxemburg and Karl Liebknecht, and he did so with Gustav Noskes full consent. It is an especially disgusting part of the history of the German SPD. But would it really be challenged if the discovered corpse should be Rosa Luxemburg's?

For those who read German, there is a (very old) interview with Pabst available online:


Anonymous said...

Judith, thanks for the link
and for those who understand spoken German (unfortunately no transcript available) here is an interview from January 2009 with Hans-Ulrich Wehler who says he has worked on Luxemburg quite a bit and says if she had been picked up by "officials" she would have been shot (standrechtlich) by the state in its justified self-defence


Anonymous said...

It seems like the program has automatically cut off part of the link - I try again - in case it does not work again - got to here, scroll down the bar on the right side and fill in January 17,2009 - Luxemburg - and chose Deutschlandradio Kultur
rgds, Silke