Tuesday, June 23, 2009

The Middle Satan

Simon Tisdall at The Guardian is offended that Ahmedinejad and colleagues are blaming the UK for inciting the turmoil in Iran, along with the usual suspects such as the CIA and the Mossad.

Near the bottom of his column he admits, through very gritted teeth, that the antics of the Iranian regime are making Netanyhu's job easier.

So far so uninteresting. What is of greater value, if you're interested in peering into the cesspool of antisemitism and related hatreds beneath the veneer of civilisation in the UK and elsewhere, are the comments at the bottom of the column. Many of the peole who comment at CiF, that's the readership of the Guardian's website, fully accept Ahmedinejad's line. I remind you that comments on CiF are moderated by Guardian staff.


Barry Meislin said...

Simon Tisdall (and his commentators) should be comforted in knowing that if things get a little too interesting in Iran, then they may likely get a bit more interesting on Israel's northern and southwestern borders.

Perhaps making things a bit harder for Netanyahu.

One should never relinquish the the audacity to hope...

Anonymous said...

Yaacov, I have to disagree... I followed your link to read the first page of comments -- its beyond antisemitism, they are truly, utterly, completely demented. I don't know if you saw, there are a few new books on conspiracy theory out, I think it's now called "conspiracism" to reflect the syndrome...Nick Cohen wrote a review on some of them, very interesting. Clearly, the Guardian attracts those types like refuse attracts flies...

SK said...

You will find quite some amount of the same talk at the comment section of the German newspaper Welt's online presence, welt.de, very moderately moderated.

Hulkette said...

You'll find it everywhere, on every single site on the web that allows comments and discusses Israel, religion, world events, politics, or, well, anything.

Go read any Fark current event thread and it will ultimately devolve into anti-Semitism.

Marx got it wrong. Jew-hatred is the opiate of the masses.

alex said...

@ sk
come on - you are being ridiculous. the grauniad is a rag unfit even to wipe one's ass...
their "journalists" and commentators are the whores of our soon-to-be obliterated liebour government.
comparing st.polly toynbees' pravda to welt-online, be it articles and comment, makes me draw two conclusions:
a - you can't read and understand german
b - you are a totally clueless blabbermouth
if you want to draw any parallels then read the sueddeutsche zeitung, the frankfurter rundschau and top it off with the junge welt.
that will most certainly be an eye-opener to you - that is, if you can read...

SK said...

I was merely referring to the open comments to articles at welt.de, which show quite some amount of antisemitism in their own right. Maybe I did not make myself clear, otherwise I don't really see why your insulting rant should be an answer to my post.

A) I read German on a daily basis, comes with the location.
B) I specifically did not compare the journalistic content of the Welt with the Guardian.

and may I add C) welt.de does not compare well to the printed version, as regularly gives the impression of unproofread and hastily assembled content. The printed version is, as you would expect, a professional printed paper, the website suffers from serious flaws. The journalistic integrity of the staff at Die Welt was not questioned here, while I concur questioning it in the cases of the Sueddeutsche and the FAZ at times, and I wouldn't even speak of integrity at the Junge Welt, that's hardly even a newspaper at all.

ModernityBlog said...

Actually the Guardian is one of the top quality broadsheets in the UK. Not my view, but that's how it is viewed.

The Guardian was traditionally read by the well to do liberal middle classes, teachers, lecturers, smarter office workers, etc

Very late on did they grasp the significance of political blogs, so then they created Cif.

Initially, it was not moderated, and was utterly vile, even worse than now, if that's possible.

There was a report done on antisemitism and the Guardian.

They implemented a very basic, low level moderation, probably done by interns etc.

Now Cif is very popular on the extreme right, you can find every type of antisemitic lie hidden (or not) in the reader's comments.

I don't know that it serves any purpose, other than as a barometer for antisemitism amongst the chattering classes.

PS: Meryl, I owe you an apology, you were right, I was wrong :(