Sunday, June 14, 2009

Mondoweiss: First Damn, Then Damn

Philip Wiess apparently doesn't know Hebrew, and wasn't able to listen to Netanyahu's speech; moreover, as he himself admits, he hasn't even seen an English transcript yet. None of which stops him from opining (via an unidentified friend):
Mean-spirited in the extreme, he emphasized on Israel's god-given
right to the "Land of Israel" (euphemism for Israel Plus--plus Judea and
Samaria, i.e., the West Bank, aka Palestine). And on Israel's right to all of
Jerusalem. There was not a generous word about the Palestinians. Only the usual
tone of threat. There was no surprise in this, of course, but the nasty,
supercilious, and hypernationalist tone even took my breath

Lest you think it was all negative, he did offer to cooperate
with the Palestinians on solar panels.

Mindboggling. The intellectual dishonesty is breathtaking. Actually, so is the simple dishonesty, since it totally misrepresents what Netanyahu said.


Anonymous said...

amazing that he hasn't seen the English text yet - just took me about 2 minutes to find it

Jack Steiner said...

That is the M.O. at Mondoweiss. It is easier to pretend that everything fits into their world view than to imagine a place that has shades of grey.

Suz said...

Phil lives in his own fantasy world--it's called mondoweiss. In that world, David Duke & Ahmadinejad are swell guys--and anyone who takes pride in being Jewish is a snobby elitist.

What I can't figure out is if he truly raised donations through his blog to go to Gaza--or if he guilt-tripped his mother into paying. :-)