Monday, June 22, 2009

Netanyahu: No Conflict With the Iranian People

Netanyahu in an interveiw to the German magazine Bild (the original interview is here):

Peaceful relations between Israel and Iran would be possible if new leadership
took power in Tehran, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said in an
interview with German newspaper Bild published on Monday.
"There is no conflict between the Iranian people and the people of Israel and under a
different regime the friendly relations that prevailed in the past could be restored," Netanyahu told German daily Bild.

The Iranian Foreign Ministry is already busy making hay:
Meanwhile, Iran's Foreign Ministry Spokesman Hassan Qashqavi said in response to
remarks by Netanyahu regarding Iran’s unrest, "The Zionist regime tried not to take a clear stance regarding Iran’s elections like some western countries, but since Sunday it started provocation to confront peace in Iran but it would not succeed.

Sooner or later, this narrative will be an accepted narrative in the antisemitic cesspools. The turmoil in Iran was a Zionist ploy to attack Iran.


Anonymous said...

Yaacov -

I am a Jew and Zionist my entire life. Not once have I been invited to a conspiracy meeting! What gives? How come no one lets me in on the plots?

According to Naj, Ahmadinejad is a Zionist puppet! How are we so clever to get our guy in there at the top and not clever enough to get the Iranians on our side! If only the Zionists had consulted me, I would have come up with a much better plan!


Anonymous said...

Yaacov, do you think It would it have in fact been wiser for Netanyahu to stay quiet on this issue? Unclear to me....

Anonymous said...

Curiously, I have never been invited either... and as for the bank-control thing, why in the fajita do I still have a mortgage?

Some let the head Jew know so I can get my mashkanta paid off. Geez.

Anonymous said...

BILD also has a video of the occasion very friendly and completely free of sneering and today's paper was laid out very effective with part 1 of the Netanyahu interview covering the whole of the left page and the Iran reporting which included Fotos of Neda covering the right side,templateId=renderBuehne.html

I hope they got it right and it creates a lasting good government vs. bad government image in peoples' heads

Anonymous said...

as to BILD (
today's lay-out is again page 2 and 3 but now they have chosen to do Iran including Neda pictures over both top parts of page 2 and 3 with Netanyahu over both bottom pages -
I sincerely hope this doesn't subhead Netanyahu under Iranian girl killers in peoples' heads -
BILD is the most Israel-friendly MSM we have and hopefully keeps at least the "lower orders"*) from hyperventilating about Israel ...
*) no self-respecting "educated" person (like aspiring office girls) wants to be seen looking at BILD and if they happen to do anyway they need to come up with a lot of elaborate excuses like an interest in football for example - for me the experience is relatively new also, but now I get it regularly from my neighbour who goes to buy it every morning and it is quite an experience to learn in which directions they try to steer public opinion - you cannot subscribe to have it delivered to your mail box