Sunday, June 21, 2009

Reaching Out to Naj

In the previous post I linked to an Iranian blog titled Neo-Resistance, authored by an educated Iranian woman named Naj. Having spent some time reading her blog, there is much in common between us.

Except that she vicioiusly hates Israel.

So I'm sending her this message, at her blog and at mine.

I wish you the best, Naj, you and your fellow citizens. And I hope for your success in these dramatic times.

After they're over, hopefully for the better, and you have a moment to think about the rest of the world, I'd apreciate your trying to explain to me why you see us as such implacable enemies. I don't see why we should be.


Anonymous said...

The blog-ling doesn't work.

David Boxenhorn said...

Yaacov said...

hope i fixed it.

Anonymous said...

It's worth a try... hope it works.

Gavin said...

She's certainly a wild one Yaacov, I get the impression she's angry for all the right reasons but hasn't yet figured it out. Those darn zionists are everywhere huh, how do you do it?

One thing in your favour for a change; whatever happens there it's hard to imagine it turning out any worse for Israel than the present regime. Can only get better really..... one hopes.

Cheers, Gavin.