Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Six After the Revolution

Naj, the Iranian blogger to whom I reached out the other day, has responded. She assures me she's no enemy of Israel, and would be happy to talk once things calm down.

We all hope they'll calm down on the right side of history, not the wrong.

On a related matter, it's interesting to note that not only I admit not to knowing what's going on in Iran. Apparently, the American government doesn't know much, either, in spite of all those tweets, You-tube films, and what have you. It would be better, of course, if they did know, but it's reassuring to hear they don't think the stuff we're being inundated with is really enough.


kai said...


I wonder how many readers will recognize the soldier Svejk with his appointment: Nach dem Krieg um sechs im "Kelch".

Zionist Juice said...

not only the protesters are using the internet.
the regime is doing so too.
they have an email address to which iranians can send mails to denounce protesters.

however there is way everyone can make this deed more difficult for them.
everyone can send an email or one each hour to this address and the big amount of information will make it impossible for the regime to use it.

sent emails to:


Naj said...

Yaacov, Really Iranians are enemy of anyone who threatens Iran.

Ahmadinejad has crossed so many lines that now, even the conservatives are asking for their votes back!! There is also talks of impeachment.

Iran have never been an enemy to Israel. Iran has used Israel's enemies to protect itself. And Israel has made an enemy for herself by acting in the same irrational and violent ways that it criticizes her foes for.

At some poit we all need to move beyond rhetorics and find a way to live together; without letting the Russians/Americans and the military industrialists and weapon dealers determining our faith.