Friday, June 19, 2009

Talking Through their Hats

Whether you like him and his opinons or not, you've got to admit that over the past week Andrew Sullivan has made himself into one of the single most important sources for news coming out of Iran. He's doing a fine job.

None of which makes his information any more reliable. Consider the two posts he put up right before Khamenei's speech in Teheran this morning. Ian Black at The Guardian telling that since we haven't seen much of Ahmedinejad this week, his position may well be weakening. And Charles Recknagl sifting the evidence to bolster the proposition that Khamenei is wavering. Both articles appeared mere hours before Khamenei's scheduled speech, in which he proved the opposite of what these folks had been speculating.

Why don't these people and their legions of colleagues go find a real job, say, baking bread or paving roads or laying bricks? At least then they'd have the satisfaction they'd created some sort of value in life.


Anonymous said...

same old song from Khamenei with one variation, besides Israel it's the UK not the US,
but it seems not be over yet, as Mousavi seems to have let the ultimatum pass - see other two links on linked site below -
I wonder what Mousavi's wife is up to ... and will A'jad's thugs be let loose tomorrow? horrible thought ...
rgds, - Silke

Mr Khamenei also blamed the deaths, violence and vandalism of the past week on "ill-wishers, mercenaries and elements working for the espionage machines of Zionism and western powers".

Barry Meislin said...

The mullahcracy certainly knows what it's talking about when it comes to mercenaries.