Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Vocal Pontificating

I'm not going to have any time for blogging today. Fear not, however! This brave new world we live in enables a person from Virginia whom I've never personally met to connect me to a fellow from Melbourne I've never met to interview me and put it up on the Internet so readers from Jerusalem whom I've never met can listen. Or not. As you wish. Still, think about it before you turn elsewhere: instead of reading me pontificating, you can listen. Even on your iPod.


Hulkette said...

The specific link to your podcast is this link. The one you use is the general page link.

Anonymous said...

I ALSO very much liked the last part of the program when Obama on Israel and Obama on Iran were juxtaposed
I have an easy time resisting Obama's charms because I do not like the sound of his voice ... on the other hand I find myself in danger of getting hooked when I listen to Sarah Palin and that despite the fact that she is for heaps of stuff I am abolutely against
Only solution is probably to hold still till the infatuation subsides and then start thinking again

annie said...

Thanks Yakov. I enjoyed your interview and I also very much enjoyed the rest of the site. Just my taste :-)