Sunday, July 5, 2009

Israel: Economic Refuge?

Blogging from an airport, quickly:

The numbers in this item are rather small, but apparently there's a rise in the number of Jews immigrating to Israel this year. Countries of origin: France, UK, and the US. Reason for the uptick: economic. It's better in Israel.

The Messiah is almost here.


Anonymous said...

Obviouly nothing to do with the renessaince of the new antisemitism in the UK and France.

Anonymous said...

Michael Oren has the ultimate POSITIVE reason on why to move to Israel - view and listen and enjoy

now here is a man all of whose speeches I admire ever since I followed his book tour for "faith and Fantasy" via iTunes and which I always found and still find substantial and wholly credible in all he says - lucky Israel to be represented by somebody as substantial as him who is free of all pomposity and full of gravitas and/or humour wherever appropriate
rgds, Silke