Sunday, August 30, 2009

Hamas is Horrified

Yes, there are things that scare Hamas. The mere rumour, most likely quite unfounded, that the UN may try to teach the children of Gaza that there once was a Holocaust. I don't see why anyone would take such a rumour seriously; it's quite unlike anythng UNRWA might think up; still, the Jew-hating thugs of Hamas were swift to condemn the mere thought.

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Avigdor said...

Yaacov, I am appalled and disheartened that you continually expose such impropriety. What we have in Hamas is an organization that is learning from its past mistake of pure intransigence and is growing up, and your remarks are simply not helpful to this process.

Don't you understand that Hamas is FORCED to retain its violent, anti-semitic, belligerent attitude and intent in order to maintain the support of the Palestinian people? I, for one, can't help but appreciate the enormous, competing pressures the group is under to both moderate its message and advance Palestinian interests.

Naturally, it is an anti-peace position to question why Israel would wish to deal with a people who can only elect an organization based on such a political platform.

Surely you are not against peace, are you, Yaacov?