Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Improving Life for Palestinians

By all accounts life for the West Bank Palestinians is improving dramatically. And, to put it mildly, it's not improving in Gaza. This, in spite of the fact that in Gaza there are no settlements, and no Israeli presence. Meanwhile, the IDF is still present in parts of the West Bank, the settlers are still there, and to a very limited extent they're even still growing.

Just saying.


Avigdor said...

Yaacov, I need intellectual refugee status. I published the following comment on KFJ's latest post on Jewschool. It was quickly deleted. Luckily, I was able to retrieve it by clicking back enough times. Please retain this comment so that I can link to it on Jewschool.

Here is the original url to my comment.

Zionists are the sons of apes and monkeys

You noticed that also, Eric? Americans Jews, however, are civilized human beings, who unlike those monkeys value “analytical reasoning, intellectual rigor and vivid debate”. It’s just stunning how seamlessly the radical anti-Israel and Islamist agendas are coalescing. A real world example of convergent evolution.

Best of all is KFJ brave “toxic” disclaimer - oh, no! it made him wince! - which was followed by him publishing this trash on a widely read “progressive”, “Jewish” blog, making sure all that Jewish-American “analytical reasoning, intellectual rigor and vivid debate” would be on full display.

Monkeys and apes, KFJ.
You own it.

Avigdor said...

A second comment I left has been deleted. That's not healthy. Think I struck a nerve?

Original comment url here.

KFJ, you were wrong to publish this. Now you’re deleting comments you don’t agree with. For someone who likes to lay it on thick, you have a very thin skin. Then you issue this non-retraction retraction to pre-empt any other comment from addressing the point I made, and which you erased.

If my point was valid enough to write a rebuttal to, why did it not merit to be published?

But wait, I’m an American Jew, not one of those apes! Or is the ape simply a metaphor for any Jews you don’t agree with?

You own this, KFJ.

Yaacov said...

Hi Victor -

I looked at the stuff you sent, and considered dong a post on it, but it's too unserious for my tastes. However, once you've posted here, in comments, you can link to it, too. Each comment here has its own URL, so feel free to use it.

And keep up the good work. Maybe sometime I ought to look at the American-Jewish-lefty-don't-like-Israel scene, beyond the Mondoweiss gang.