Friday, September 25, 2009

Leonard Cohen

We went down to Tel Aviv (well, technically it was Ramat Gan) last night, and joined some 45,000 other people in a Leonard Cohen concert.

He never had a magnificant voice, but at 75 he still has the same reflective and resonant voice he always had - quite an achievement, that. He sang all his greaties, and we sang along. At the end he wished us peace, using the blessing of the Cohanim, in Hebrew.

For me, the top moment was when he sang Who By Fire, an interesting adaptation of Netane Tokef. Netane Tokef has been the climatic moment of the Rosh Hashana services for more than a thousand years, and we said it twice this week; we'll say it again early next week on Yom Kippur - so his timing was impecable.


joseph said...

Dr. Lozowick,

Actually he has never had a marginal voice, but his songs are brilliant. Did he sing "Hallelujah" which I think is the greatest song ever written? Jeff Buckley's version, which you can hear on, is the best known.


Yaacov said...

Of course he sang Halleluja. So did all the rest of us. 45,000 people singing together is quite impressive.