Thursday, September 17, 2009

Mary Travers, RIP

Mary Travers of Peter Paul and Mary has died, age 72.

The New York Times obituary is impressed by her sex appeal, but to be honest, that was rather a while ago. For myself I can say that I liked her voice decades before I ever saw on Youtube that she had once been a blonde.

Her passing is a measure of our proximity and distance from the historic sixties, with their ups and downs, in a way the recent death of Ted Kennedy wasn't. On the one hand, it was a time of important historic change and turmoil, but for lots of people it's history of which they have no memory. Long ago. On the other hand, here's a recognizable icon from those days, still living with us until yesterday.

There were issues on which she and her folks were on the right side of history. There were issues on which they weren't. Their music was part of that story, and it was mostly good music. You can go to Youtube and remember.

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Anonymous said...

"is impressed by her sex appeal, but to be honest, that was rather a while ago"

maybe that applies when it comes through the media but in private life it seems much to my amazement and pleasure that when you had it you keep it and no, not via clothes and make-up or keeping your figure or any other of those women's magazines advices

- it's just that those appreciating it, showing pleasure in it get older also, while young men just seem to take to one as somebody who appreciates them properly - it is those mostly in the 10 years younger range who seem to feel most compelled to stipulate that female sex appeal evaporates with age.

but all of the above is from only one individual and thus does not contain any relevant observation - old women have no sex appeal - period! - while Picasso and Chaplin kept theirs and proved it by acting on it ...
what can a smile exchanged in a waiting line amount to when compared to that ...