Friday, September 18, 2009

Shana Tova

In honor of Rosh HaShana, the New York Times has dug up a story and recording of the first Jewish service in Germany in 1944, held by a group of American troops. The impromptu cantor, Max Fuchs, is still with us.

Before shutting down for Rosh HaShana I'd wish a good Eid el-Fiter holiday also to any Muslim readers of Ruminations, but I don't think there are any. So I wished it to the various Arabs I know.


Marc R said...

L'shana tova Yaacov. Your blog has been a tremendous source of knowledge to me and I thank you.

Anonymous said...

Thank you Yaacov for your blog.

Shana Tova to you and your whole family.


Anonymous said...

Shanah tovah, Yaakov. Thank you for your blog. Over the past year, it has been very informative.