Thursday, October 15, 2009

But, But... We Love The Israelis!

Selcuk Cobanoglu, the producor of the Turkish antisemitic TV program unveiled yesterday explains that he loves Israel, loves the Israelis, and the bloodthirsty soldiers depicted in his program - you can see them on Youtube - aren't even Israelis, though the story takes place in Palestine. Then again...
It is very important that I stress that we love the people in Israel. We love the Israelis. "We know that Israel didn't do these things, but there are small groups who did things like this sometimes, they killed children and things like that. We made the series about them, not about Israel directly," he said. He continued to ask the question, "Does the show reflect reality?" and answered, "In Operation Cast Lead 300 children were killed. Muhammad al-Durra was also killed. Is this logical?"

So the man's an antisemite, and a wolly-minded thinker, and a coward. All at the same time. Impressive.


Barry Meislin said...

Post-modern philo-Judaism, no doubt. (Or is that post-pomo?)

This guy and Donald Bostrom are well on their way to defining judeophilia for the new(ish) century.

rashkov said...

Not to mention that Muhammad al-Durra has been thoroughly debunked by richard landes in his Pallywood project.