Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Silverstein Responds

Richard Silverstein e-mails an explanation on why it took so long to allow my comment to appear on his blog: it could have contained a death threat. Lest he accuse me of cherry picking his words, here's the full text:
Your comment was moderated as all first time comments are because very
often first time comments at my blog contain death threats & other
abuse. When comments dispute my views I sometimes hold off on publishing
them until I have time to write a reply, which is what happened to yr
comment. So you might want to add to yr dyspeptic post the fact that I
haven't censored yr comment at all & intend to publish it.If you weren't so
snarky & merely wrote asking when the comment would be published you might
actually have gotten a respectful reply. Richard

True to his word, he indeed posted my comment and his response. I leave to you to decide if his response was so weighty as to require the pondering period he apparently needed before penning it. (I know. No-one pens anything anymore).
In fact, I doubt YOU have read the rpt. There are actual elements in the rpt
which can legitimately be criticized. But you haven’t found one. But arguing
about whether Yitzhak Rabin’s assassination dealt the peace process a fatal blow
or not is a silly point to use as your primary basis for arguing the Report is
wrong. Can’t you do any better than that?
And then writing an entire blog
post because I didn’t get around to approving yr moderated comment is even
sillier. But hey, knock yrself out.

There will probably be future installments to this story, but not now. Too many other things on my plate - such as completing the reading of the Goldstone report; I'm about half way through, and it's a fascinating document.

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