Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Augean Stables on Goldstone

Prof. Richard Landes, author of Augean Stables, has a long post about Goldstone's methodology, based upon lots and lots of quotations from the report itself. The thesis: the fact finding mission carefully chose what interested it in a way that would ensure the result it wanted to have.

How surprising.

The House voted yesterday for the anti-Goldstone resolution. As I said, it's non-binding and the administration can disregard it if they choose, but it's nice to have.


AKUS said...

Someone called Ayal Rosenberg has a 38 page critique (well, its double spaced, but still 19 pages) of the report in .pdf format. Have you seen that?

Yaacov said...

You mean this one, here?
No, I hadn't seen it. Thanks.

Bryan said...

It is a source of great shame that my Congressman was merely "Present." I'm calling and writing to his office to complain. It is also worth noting that the percentage of Democrats who voted "No" is disproportionally higher than the number of Republicans. A sad day indeed for Democrats.

AKUS said...

Yaacov - that's the one. I received it as an e-mail - thanks for finding it on the web.