Sunday, November 22, 2009

Hamas: No Return to Warfare, Please

One of the small military factions even more extreme than Hamas shot a rocket into Israel yesterday. The Hamas rulers of Gaza hurriedly read them the riot act: no one shoots at Israel. We don't want any re-run of last January. Maybe some day, but not this year.

It has been about eight months now since the rocket attacks on southern Israel have dwindled to a drizzle, and apparently even that has Hamas nervous. This inevitably won't last forever, but for the time being, it seems our operation was proportional: there was a problem, we took action, and the problem was resolved.

Rather straightforward, don't you think?


Avigdor said...

BBC ran the same story: Hamas and Gaza militants 'to end Israel rocket attacks'.

This is nothing less than a victory for Israel, in more ways than one. The decision to stop the rockets indicates that the Gaza wing of Hamas, which actually has to deal with the (disastrous) consequences of its actions, has taken over policy making from the Damascus exiles. That is a blow to Iran and Syria, which control the Damascus wing.

This also demonstrates that Hamas is responsive to the Palestinians in Gaza, who obviously have seen better days.

Does this mean there will be a deal for Shalit? Several recent news articles indicate one is close.

As you write often, Yaakov, with every month that passes, Iron Dome is closer to coming online - mid 2010 is the anticipated deployment - at which point rockets become a minimal nuisance for Israel.

John Brown said...

Its sad but true - the only thing they Arabs have ever understood is force. So Hamas have ;earned their lesson.